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Gorgeous.I am Pallavi. The girl behind ‘Scrunchie Girl’, and this is a lifestyle blog for you all pretty girls and beautiful ladies.

For those who don’t know the meaning of a lifestyle blog,let me tell you it means to blog about one’s personal interest.And a person with many interests only chooses to be a lifestyle blogger.

We just concentrate on what we want to write.We are the non-niche bloggers,more like a nomad roaming everywhere,as we believe that,’Variety is the spice of life’ ;).Here,I try to make sure that you spend your valuable time on the internet,in a beneficial way by gaining some knowledge.

For your convenience,I have created menu options named ‘Fashion Anatomy‘,’Wedding Train‘ and ‘Girl-tainment‘,these are my major genres which would help you to find a thing of your interest in this plethora of randomness. 😛

Talking about me,I am a scrunchie enthusiast,I personally love collecting scrunchies of all kinds and colors,which is why I chose the word ‘Scrunchie’ to be my blog’ name.You can even read my  About ‘Scrunchie Girl’ ,post to know more of my reasons behind choosing this word,elaborately. 😛

I want my girlfriends to have an inquisitive and ubiquitous mind,always hungry to read everything and anything.Now,you know why I decided to be a lifestyle blogger,as I can’t stick to a single topic or be genre-specific and get bored out of my own blog ! 😛

Don’t forget to follow your blog’ fan-page on  Facebook 😀 I think you must have had noticed by now,that I love using emoticons too, almost everywhere ! 😀 (ha ha ha)

Thanks for reading 🙂

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