Fashion Anatomy

♥ What’s your Heel Type?

♥ Which Eye-glass do you have?

What is your Dress?

♥ Jean or Jeans?

♥ Types of Hats back from Vintage Era

♥ How to Wear Neck Accessories?

♥ Don’t let your feet touch the ground, Princess

♥ Your perfect wedding dress

♥ What do you know about ‘shoe-grids’ ?

♥ Pairs can do wonders

♥ Bag the bag

♥ Neckline styles,for a non-fashion student

♥ Styles for ‘the’ wedding dress

♥ Japanese hair ornaments unrevealed

♥ Types of skirts you must know

♥ Art of wearing rings

♥ 7 rules of buying clothes online

 More posts,coming soon 🙂