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What’s your Heel Type?

Earlier, we talked about the types of footwear in Don’t let your feet touch the ground, Princessif you haven’t read it till now you can’t click on the link above. And today, we are going to talk about the types of heels, I’m sure all of you must be having heels of your preferred height and width. A heel is a must for every girl, I have found that many girls don’t prefer it much. But, they all have at least one pair of heel with them in their shoe rack. And this includes me. 😛

If you think you are true fashion diva then don’t just limit yourself to your favorites, a true fashionista would always know about everything in fashion, so get ready to increase your fashion vocabulary by having a knowledge of heel names of all kinds:

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You know, what seeing this info-graphic even I’m making up my mind to get myself a graphic tablet, so that I could make such info-graphic on my own for you all. Did I tell you, I can draw too. 😀 So from now on, a graphic tablet is in my wishlist. 😛

If you want to know more about Heels in a full fledged manner , do visit Living Stilettos

As, with the help of this blog I came to know about the classic ‘Campri’ heels and the grungy ‘Rockstud’ heels,

Hope you all are, having a good time. If no, then everything will be okay. Wondering, why I’m talking so philosophically out of the blue. It’s because I’m giving a reminder to myself that I have loads of work to do and I don’t know how I’m going to manage it. Meet the preacher side of me 😛

Time to say goodbye, take care 🙂




2 thoughts on “What’s your Heel Type?

  1. Love the little graphic. I have used those graphic tablets before, they take a lot more getting used to than you would expect, so perhaps you should try an iPad (other tablets are available) and stylus as an alternative. Also a true shoeaholic needs to know their classics from 50 paces! Whether is the edgy Rockstud to the classic Campari.

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