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Benefits of Writing

“Don’t just look smart, do smart activities too “

♦ Writing is also a kind of mental exercise, if you want to keep your brain sharpened then you must indulge in some kind of mental activities. Just like human body finds ways to stay fit in the form of gym, yoga, Zumba etc. in the same way human brain need dumbbells, treadmills and stepper in form of mind-stimulating or mental activities, to stay fit. Mental activities like solving crosswords, Sudoku, riddles etc  puts your brain to work.This would help your brain run faster than others who spent most of their time sitting like a couch potato in front of their gadgets and/or television.

♦ Secondly, when you write you improve your grammar and vocabulary. When, you run out of words you will definitely scurry the dictionary or thesaurus to find a new word, this way you improve your vocabulary.Sometimes, when writing something you may get confused about, when to write ‘In Contrary’ and when to write ‘On Contrary’ for this your would just google it or refer your grammar book, to remove your confusion.

♦Writing improves your communication skills. Yes, that’s right. It does increase your fluency in communicating things. You would find out that verbally (this includes both oral and written communication) you can easily transform your thoughts and ideas into words in no time.

♦If you are not into writing articles, essays or any such serious stuff. Then, start writing about your life’ events, dreams, goals etc. This way you can inculcate the mighty habit of writing.It is said that one who keep their personal journal are more clear with their thoughts, they are mentally stable and collected.

♦Lately, I have been working as a freelance content writer since last month and I wrote this blog post within ten minutes .See, the benefits of writing.When you continue doing something for a long time, you will continue reaping its benefits for a long long time.

Don’t just look smart, do smart activities too 😉





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