dresses,types, designer

What is your Dress?

I know you have got a closet full of dresses, on childhood we used to call it ‘frock’ but they are our ‘dress’ now. Today, we will talk about the types of dresses, you should know.

Find out the names of your dresses, which you have been calling plainly a ‘dress’ all these time.

types, dresses, chart, designer

You know what, which are my ‘target dresses’  the ones, I don’t have with me they are Halter, Body Con, and Shift Dress. Gosh! I need to get one of these. ASAP. Only then, I can be proud of my closet, only then it would look complete.

Collecting dresses, is also real fun. Don’t you think so? 😛

I have got a very wicked, long term plan for my closet. But, I will tell you about it later. Till, then bye-bye, hugs and kisses. Bae 😉



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