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How to Blog a Million-View Post?

Lately, I met two kinds of people in my life, one who wants to start a blog and one who thinks blogging is not much of a profit thing.

The first person, of course, made me happy but the latter one, made me think “Maybe he is right” The reason why people don’t read blogs particularly, is that the blog posts are generally long. Go take a look at Instagram, you’ll not find any of those square posts of 612px * 612px, containing long paragraphs like the one’s which we write on our blogs.

I once read somewhere that, web-reading is different from book-reading, you can’t expect anyone to sit determined in front of their screens for reading a blog post regularly, though on the other we bloggers are recommended to posts daily for our blog’s traffic. People won’t visit you, until and unless there is something in our blog’s content which they really need,something that could help them. See the role of self-interest, here.

Only we bloggers know how fun it is to write and read what others have to say. Some of you might be skeptical about this, but the truth can’t be changed.We are no less than an artist, but an artist doesn’t look after this his self-interests, he looks after his audience interests.

One little innocent soul asked me,”Who are artists?” I said, they are skillful the creators who can make even the bad things look good.”

We as artists, have the talent in us to create things which our readers want, even we can create magic with our short blog posts. Just like an account of Instagram posting quotes daily has, millions of followers, even we can revamp blogging this way.

This is a proof that people have not stopped reading, it’s just that they want to be everything short and precise, in the hustle-bustle of life. Which is why I have decided to keep my blog posts, real short, making it quick to read.What about you?


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