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5 Reasons why we should Read Men’s Mag

So,how would you feel if you see a man reading a woman’s magazine ? Men cannot dare to pick up our magazines,can they ? 😀 But we have the freedom of wearing our man’s shirt and freely picking up their magazines too. 😛

I myself read them at times,whenever I get bored out of my subscribed issues.And I realized that reading them,is quite fun.

  • You will get to drool over ravishing male models.If men can sight a girl in bikinis,then why can’t you see them in their trunks. 😀
  • Accept this or not,its quite fun reading people’s mind.I myself used to secretly wish,”Wish,I could read people’s mind.”like Professor Xavier of X-men.You get to know what and how men think. 😛
  • You can help your man,with his style.Especially,if he’s not really into magazines.You can read it for him.Because,at the end when you will go shopping together,he’s going to ask only you ,if that shirt is looking good on him or not. 😛
  • The real fun lies in the ‘relationship column’ of the magazine.Don’t ever forget to read that.All his secrets lies there. 😛
  • All in all,they would give you fun equivalent to chick lits. 😀

If you haven’t tried it till now.Now is the time. 😀 Go,read.Bye. !


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