Seashells on the Sea Shore

No,neither we are going to talk about how they formed nor we are discussing about my day on a beach collecting seashell (wish that’d happen someday πŸ˜› ).So what it is ? Read on to more.Remember the very famous tongue twister:

She sells seashells on the seashore.
The shells she sells are surely seashells.
So, if she sells shells on the seashore,
I’m sure she sells seashore shells.

Courtesy:LEO Network

Today,we are going to see the types of seashells she sells. πŸ˜€

Living in a non-coastal region,I just envy those who live near and around the coastal region,especially the ones where seashells are found.Just imagine,how wonderful it’d be to look out for seashells on weekends,I just love its idea.

While,I was trying to find out their types, I came across various seashells from Hawaii,Florida,Britain and the list is quite long. πŸ˜› What,I tried here is, to make you aware of the most common types of seashells found everywhere,because every coastal region have their own special variety seashells.

But,before I Β tell you about it straight away,why don’t you test your knowledge about them,below is the match the column like question,go ahead solve it Β :

sea shells,sea,types,question

So,how many were you able to match.Here,is its answer sheet :

answers,sea shell

Want to world’ best beaches,known for seashells,click here.

5 beaches in India where seashells are found,click here.

SEA you later. πŸ˜€



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