A Flowery Affair

I once saw a mobile phone case on Etsy, made out of pressed flowers.Gone are the days of plucking a rose and hiding it in the pages of our books.Now,these fragile beauties are being used in many unimaginable ways through a technique called Flower Pressing‘.

It is widely practiced in Japan and China,but is now capturing many interests worldwide.

flower press,craft,flowers

What is Flower Pressing ? 

Also known as ‘Pressed Flower Art’,is nothing but pressing of flowers,or their petals and even their leaves on a flower press.


What is a Flower Press ?

Flower press,is any material or surface on which you press flowers.I will tell you about its various types,at the post’ end.

bookmarks,flower press,craft,art

Why it is done ?

To flatten them,so that they can be used conveniently in any creative work like a sticker.It also brightens their color,making them look more vibrant and fresh,despite of being dried.

paper,flower pressing,craft,art

How is it done ?

For answering this question of yours,I will take you to Better Homes and Gardens’ website.You will get all your answers there on materials required for flower pressing and its various techniques.Click here.

Types of flowers with pictures

Image Courtesy: Smile Charts Pvt. Limited (India)


I am sure now you must loving flowers,more than before. 😛

Bye,take care.Will,catch you soon. 🙂





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