Your Perfect Wedding Dress

No matter which designer’ dress you choose, or from where you buy your dress.Your wedding dress won’t be perfect,until and unless you wear something which fits your body type.If you haven’t read my post on “Styles for ‘the’wedding dress“this post won’t be able to help you.So,you can read that first and then come back here.

Everybody’s eyes will be on you,that day.Just like me you might consider wearing a dress as per one’ body type,unimportant.Well,that’s indeed unimportant but you must not ignore these protocols ,while buying your wedding dress.

Don’t wear anything which doesn’t belong to you.

body type,fitting,wedding dress

In case you don’t know your body type till now :P,and you are still on the dark side even after reading descriptive articles on them,just stand straight in front of a mirror look at yourself from head to thighs,refer to the chart above;if your are still confused due to your dress, use your hands slide it from the side of your busts to thighs,and ascertain how it flows.You will get your answer. 🙂



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