What do you know about ‘Shoe-Grids’ ?

Shoe-grids are nothing but that part of your footwear,which  is made for your toe fingers end.They are as follows :

shoe grid,fashion,footwear,girly


Then we have our very own,very famous Jodhpuri Jutti and Punjabi Jutti (A type of Indian footwear) having mustache-like shoe-grid,where its ends are slightly curved up and rounded square shaped shoe-gird respectively.

Jodhpuri jutti for men
Jodhpuri jutti for women
footwear,indian,punjabi jutis
Punjabi jutti for women

This was all for today.I try to make the time you spend on the internet,as beneficial as possible, by spreading some knowledge.I hope you enjoyed reading this.Bye-bye. 🙂


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