Mamma Mia ! Is My Pasta ready ?

Kudos! to Marco Polo who introduced pasta to his fellow Italians.There are many speculations about pasta’ origin,as it is said that Marco Polo,when he went to China,he took noodles with him on his return and introduced it as pasta in Italy.Which later on spread itself around the globe.Well,I only love that pasta dish,which uses red-sauce as its key ingredient. Its the best,the best ! (Yum) 😀

Anyways,I know you are not here to read about my likes and dislikes.Hence,coming to the crux of my post,today we will know about the different types(shapes) of pastas.

In case,you are fond of watching food shows like me,you must be knowing their names.And if not then no problem,we have one thing in common you and I,both of us loves pastas. 😛


Note that,above are some common varieties of pastas found worldwide,the list is not exhaustive.

Want to know,how these are pronounced ? Simply click on the words.



If you want to know their short description,I’d recommend you to go here on,Foodsubs.

Arrivederci,persone (ah-ree-veh-DEHR-chee,pl-uhr-SOOH-ne) Goodbye,people. 🙂






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