Wedding Bouquet Shapes

A wedding is no less than a festival.And a wedding bouquet ,is no less than a fashion accessory of a bride and her wedding.

Making a bouquet is not just about cluttering flowers together and adorning them with ribbons and stuff.Its a kind of art,the florist has to be creative with each and every flower’ color,size,leaf,freshness,its arrangement etc.Only then an artwork is born.

Today,we are going,to learn about the various shapes of a wedding bouquet.

1.Cascading Bouquet


2.Pomander Bouquet



3.Nosegay Bouquet



4.Hand-tied Bouquet



5.Flower Spray Bouquet

flower spray,decor,wedding
Used for the decor of wedding venues

6.Pageant Bouquet


7.Posy Bouquet


8.Composite Bouquet


9.Round Bouquet


Now,you may find some of the bouquet shapes looking alike,like posy,hand-tied etc.But,let me tell you there are slight differences between them,here’s a quick description:


So for now goodbye,until we meet next time. 🙂

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