10 Things to Learn from Models

A must read for all the girls and ladies out there.Time for some sisterhood. 🙂

  • They know how to feel beautiful,they don’t care about looking beautiful.
  • They have a stomach full of guts.
  • They know very well that guys ogle at them,but they just don’t care to even look at them.
  • They are comfortable in their own skin.
  • They are not conscious about others,they just concentrate on themselves.
  • They are openhearted when it comes to experimenting with their looks,as in “Bring it on !
  • They are consistent,when it comes to maintaining one’s figure,maintaining one’s health.
  • They take out their make-up on time,after photo-shoots and ramp walks.This one’s for those lazy bums,who sleep with their make-up on.
  • And,lastly they know to be a passionate independent birdie.
  • They like to keep on upgrading themselves.

Cheers,to all the female models of the world,as we know that modelling isn’t just about skin-shows,which most of the shallow people think,its an art first and then a profession.And if your baby girl aspires to be a model someday,don’t stop her,for she will become one strong headed lady.



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