dog,love,animal lover

Don’t Call them ‘Street Dogs’

dog,love,animal lover

I feel like pelting a stone at the person,who try to hit animals with anything they get hold of.I feel like making them realize,how it feels like to be a hit,so forcefully.

I recently shifted to my new home,and here I have found some really good friends,people call them  ‘street dogs’,but I have named each of them.

They are three in number,one is Bumblebee,who is very playful by nature and has skin-color like that of a Labrador ,other one is Akira,she is a beauty.I earlier used to think that ‘she‘ is a ‘he‘ 😛 but then later on I saw her little pups,following her everywhere she went. And lastly I have Gummy,inspired from gummy bears.Because he looks very sweet to me when he sits down and wags his tail soon as he sees me. 😀

I earlier used to be afraid of dogs,because my mother has been teaching me since childhood that the so-called ferocious street dogs,can bite you. I have even heard many people and this includes my mother,who says just shoo them away,throw a stick or anything at them soon as you see them,getting agitated or when they try to come after you.

But I remember very well,the very first day I met my little friends in a row,their little innocent eyes mesmerized me.They said an inaudible language,completely different from my mother’ sayings.It appeared to me that they are trying to say,”We want to be loved.We love playing.And we need food,can we get some?”They didn’t say,”We would bite your fleshy legs,soon as we see you.”

Its my simple appeal,to everyone who are reading this that don’t mistreat dogs and other animals.Don’t consider ‘dog’,to be a derogatory remark.Its just a word.One lifeless word.If you are crazy about Yorkshire Terrier,Afghan-hound,Labrador and other breeds of dogs,don’t forget that,even they would not be happy,seeing you mistreating their peers.Bad things,have bad consequences.If you try hitting them,they won’t regret coming for you.Have some love,show some respect.Peace.




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