Pairs can do wonders

A pair of earrings ! Who doesn’t like collecting them ? People have many quirky hobbies,like collecting printed tissue papers. 😀 Then,what’s the big deal with having a collection of earrings.I guess earrings dominate, every girl’s jewelry box.

Today,we are going to learn about the types of earring styles.And,in case you don’t have any pair of even ,any one of these styles.Then,go and grab one.‘He‘ might not look at your earrings,but the ‘She(s)‘ of your life,are always interested in seeing them. 😛

# 01 Earring Styles


#02 Earring Styles

Earrings,looks good on every face shape,also the way we girls see which dress would look good on which body type,same is not the case with earrings and our face shapes,exceptions expected though. 😛 So,if you fall in the extra cautious exceptional case, listen to me very carefully,whether you have U-shaped face or O-shaped face,don’t forget to adore your tiny ears with these types of earrings.Because,here face shapes don’t really matter,the prettiness of your earrings count.(No,I’m not materialistic but I’m telling you the truth 😀 )Have at least each pair,of every type.And I beg you to break the studs craze,its high time. 😛

Hugs and Kisses.


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