No.This isn’t a Water Glass !

You definitely should hear my funny anecdote,behind writing this post.

Whenever I go with my mother, at the kitchen corner of a supermarket.You see that area where all kinds of  glassware are kept. I always pick up a drinking glass unknowingly instead of picking up a water glass,because I find them really fancy plus they look pretty to me. 😛

And then my mother used to shyly say,”Just keep that down ! ” and I could not understand why,when I grew up and I continued making the same mistake 😀  then she told me the real reason,clearly!  😀

Even after knowing the reason,I couldn’t distinguish between a normal water glass and a drinking glass.So,today this post is like a note to myself ,and in case you face the same problem,scroll down and find out the types of drinking slash bar-ware glasses.


Disclaimer: Drinking is injurious to health.



And this is a water glass. 😀


See you soon,drink water and stay healthy. 🙂


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