Types of Poems

Lately,my inclination towards poems has risen. I am not really a poetess,but I think writing poems would help me improve my brevity,and when it comes to writing,I am one walking ,unstoppable typing machine 😛

Also,poems are really deep,they are something you can ponder upon.Its just so wonderful to see how short  verses (lines) of a poem,sums up a whole story or message. Which is why I am doing some research on their types and how they are written.

Let’s start with the basics,a line of a poem is called a ‘verse‘,paragraphs of a poem are called ‘stanza(s)‘,there are even different types of stanzas ,they are as follows:

  1. Couplet: Having two verses.
  2. Tercets: Having three verses.
  3. Quatrains: Having four verses.
  4. Cinquain: Have five verses.
  5. Sestain or Sestet : Have six verses.
  6. Octave: Have eight verses

All these verses,may or may not rhyme.Earlier,only rhyming lines,used to be a real poem for me. 😛

But for now,let’s stick to their types only.So,let’s take a quick look. 🙂


  • Tells us stories
  • Narrative in nature.
  • Have rhyming verses.


  • Of four lines (verses);quatrains.
  • Tells us about a person.
  • Biographical in nature.
  • Have rhyming verses.


  • Interestingly,this poem is like ‘find the word’ game,where a word or phrase is hidden in the letters of a word,horizontally.
  • These letters can be at  last,first,or at any other positions in each a word.
  • But their position must be in such a manner,that they are parallel to each other.
  • Only then the hidden word,can be detected when the whole poem is seen from top to bottom.


  • Doesn’t rhyming verses
  • Have extremely short verses .
  • In iambic pentameter form,that is  it consists of short lines of five feet.
  • Where one syllable (when you break a word into many parts,as in ‘beau-ti-ful‘ you are said to be breaking a syllable,a unit of a word)is stressed and other is unstressed.


  • A poem written in the shape of a diamond.
  • Those lines,would look more like a diamond typography.


  • A poem of fourteen lines
  • The Q&A poem(self-coined). 😛
  • The first eight lines,in form of quatrains asks questions.
  • And the next six lines of the poem,gives answers for those questions.

SHAPE poem

  • A diamante poem,as discussed above,is a type of shape poem.
  • Where you form different kinds of shape,with the lines of your poem.
  • These are visually eye-appealing and easily catches reader’ attention.


  • A poem of fifteen lines.
  • Where almost every two lines,rhyme to each other.

ELEGY poem

  • A sad poem.
  • Written in memory or honor of someone.
  • Usually written,for a funeral.


  • Well,a riddle is also a type of poem.
  • Till now,I used to think, it to be some kind of mind-boggling puzzle.:P
  • And mind you,these are not easy to solve,as they sound. 😀 (as per me )

ODE poem

  • A lyrical poem.
  • Addresses to a person or thing.
  • Mainly uses similes(compare two things),metaphors(a thing is used to describe,with the help of another thing) and hyperbole(complete exaggeration).


  • A poem said at the end of a movie,speech or a play etc.
  • These have to be carefully crafted,as they represent the entire moral or message of a story.

LYRIC poem

  • Expresses personal feelings or emotions.
  • These may take forms of other types of poems.
  • Personal in nature.


  • Another word for humorous poems.
  • They are light-hearted funny poems.
  • Consists of five lines.
  • Usually,rhymes.


  • A short poem.
  • Satirical and/or witty in nature.
  • Generally,have funny endings.
  • Usually written in couplet or quatrain,it can be even in one-line phrase form.

Let me,tell you one thing that this list is not exhaustive,there are many other types of poems like idyll poem-poem on rustic life,epic poem-poem on heroic deeds etc. I have just tried here,to introduce you with some rudimentary types of poems.

Adios. 🙂


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