Neckline Styles,for a Non-Fashion Student

You can now,brush up your fashion vocabulary along with me,a non-fashion(not relating to fashion industry)student.Once upon a time,when I was two or three year old,my father just like all other fathers was excited to know about my line of interest,he then asked me “What do you want to become in life,sweetheart ?”

I replied to me him,shyly “post-MAN”,(See how innocent I was,I didn’t even cared to add ‘post-WOMAN’ 😀  :P).That was the only occupation I knew,as dozen of letters were dropped in our mailbox at that time,and the only outsider I used to see,doing some serious business,actually working ! was our khaki clad postman. 😀

My answers,kept changing from time to time,as years passed.When,I completed my schooling,I then wanted to be a fashion-designer,but I got a big ‘NO’ for that.So here you can say that, I am trying to live one of my dreams,in my blog. 😛

Because,what matters to me is the real knowledge,not the recognition. 🙂


Now,you can flaunt this fashion knowledge of yours,in front of your tailor too. 😛

Bye-bye,see you next time. 🙂


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