Let your Pout do the talking

Gone are the days of saying ‘cheese‘ and giving ‘smiles‘,because today we ‘pout‘! 😉

There’s not just one kind of pout,we all have different kind of lip shapes and hence we pout differently too all the time,know which kind of pout do you do the most. 😉

In case you don’t know the literary meaning of ‘pout’ it means,to push one’s lower lip forward so as to show anger or frustration.Who knew,that by the grace of some real creative chicks,pouting would start looking photogenic in future. 😛

Its a myth that for a perfect pout you need to have thin lips.That’s what I have heard.But let me tell you one thing,no matter what kind of lip shape you have,you just need to pout with  you lipstick smeared lips.

Okay,so I chose,pop star Selena Gomez’ clicks to tell you about different kinds of pouts,as I think she has literally diversified pouts.

WARNING: Before,you scroll down try to concentrate on her pouts 😛 ,not her dress ,make-up and stuff,as we girls have a biological habit cum capability of  scanning everyone in no time,so I just want you to do a customized scanning by concentrating on her pouts only. 😀

The ‘perfect’ pout

normal pout,selena gomez

How to do this ?

1.Why perfect? Because that’s what most of the supermodels and actresses been doing in their photo shoots and red carpets.

2.Purse your lips (join both of your lips normally,remember no smiling) and then try to take them out ,imagine as if you have caught a girl,eyeing your guy and seeing this,you are giving her a look saying “He is mine !” with your pout.:P

3.See if this helps (ha ha ha),or else if you are a good observer then you can easily imitate this pout,seeing the photo above.


sparrow pout,photo,click

How to do this ?

1.If you will see carefully,Gomez is trying to make her lips look like a beak of baby sparrow leaving a small gap in between,who has opened her beak to eat her food.

2.Remember,imagination is more important than knowledge.Hence,you should not only imagine this,but also feel it ,to get into the form. 😛

3.If you are still finding this difficult,then try to imagine yourself slurping your favorite drink via a straw.

Fish gape-pout

fish gape pout,selfie

How to do this ? 

1.This is called a ‘fish-gape pout‘ for a simple reason,if you have watched a fish closely in an aquarium,you will find that a fish’ mouth normally remains open.

2.Here,Gomez is doing that the same.What you can do is,try breathing from your mouth,just like a fish and Voilà. 😉

3.Now,I feel like changing my post’s title saying “Cheat-sheets on how to do different types of pouts.” 😛


Duck pout,selfie,photo

How to do this ? 

1.Duck-pout,is another beak-inspired pout. 😀 where you protrude your lips like a duck (quack,quack !)

2.There’s no thumb rule of doing this,both of us know that you can do this all by yourself,flawlessly. 😛

3.Some other tricks you can do,for your pout is try saying ‘Oats’ or imagine yourself blowing something,like a candle or something,go ahead,do the pout,girlfriend. 🙂

So,the next time you get conscious about giving a ‘perfect’ pout think about the other types of pouts too. 😉





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