Japanese hair ornaments unrevealed


japanses bride,kanakazhi
A bride in one of the Kanzashi.

Wonder how it is pronounced ? Click Here

Yes,you heard it right.’Kanzashi‘ is the word,used for hair ornaments of Japan.These suave and elegantly designed ornaments adorn the lustrous black hair of Japanese beauties, in their parties,weddings or in any kind of social gathering.

kanazhi,business suit
A Kanzashi in a business suit.

These are also worn by geisha and maiko (apprentice geisha),when I saw the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ I used to wonder what those pretty looking things on their hair are called and now I know that they are no ordinary hair accessories :P.Just like kimonos and white make-up,kanzashi forms an important part of their whole get-up.

Kanzashi can be made out of gold,silver or any metal,wood,plastic,glass,fabrics etc.Seeing their growing popularity,they are now sold online too.

Scroll down,and get mesmerized by these beautiful types of kanzashi’s. Below,you will find their names and how they are placed on one’s hair.

If you want to know,further how these are pronounced then,just click on the words below:

TamaKanoko DomeKogaiKushiTsumami KanzashiBira-BiraOgi.

Sayonara,until we meet next time. 🙂

kanzashi,hair ornaments,japanese,fashion




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