These selfie types are creating a buzz in the internet

“But first let me take a selfie…”

‘Selfie’became the ‘word of the year’in 2013,internet trends for instance ‘Ice bucket challenge’ can turn obsolescent in no time,but this trend of selfies,continues to maintain its popularity,worldwide.Here people become,their own photographer, and its super easy and quick to take a picture of yourself,until you are satisfied. 😛

As a result,you can notice the evolution of selfies in the internet,people are now taking their selfies in different forms.Talking about naming a type of selfie,well all you gotta do is to add’-fie‘ or ‘-ie‘ as suffix to the main subject of your photo,and you have now coined your own selfie type.

Here,are some brand new types of selfies,you definitely wanna know,click and use it as one of your hashtag :


Don’t worry,I haven’t made a typing mistake in here,this is the type,where you either click yourself in front of your book shelf or you take a picture of your book shelf only.

Got a pile of books,with you ? Then what are you waiting for. 😉 I am planning to click a shelfie too. 😛


An evidence,that you did attended last Saturday’ pool party.


Selfie taken under the sun,wearing sunglasses.Remember,there’s got to be sun rays falling on you. 😛


Going on road tour this weekend ? Don’t forget to take a tourfie.


Is a selfie,which you take at  your workplace,it can be in or around your cubicle,coffee machine,Xerox machine,board room,be it anywhere,you must be in your formals ! 😛


Gorging on a fresh green salad ? A healthfie is taken,when you are in indulged in any healthy activity,if you find anyone taking their selfies in a gym,aerobic classes,sitting on yoga mats,lifting dumbbells,running on treadmills etc. then they are not taking just another selfie,they are taking a healthfie. 😉


“Oh! look at this pretty tumbler,I so wanna have my picture with this.” When you click yourself with food and stuff,you are taking a foodfie. Some,who adore the platter more than themselves prefer taking a picture of the food only and tag it as foodfie. 😀


A selfie with your adorable pet(s),is a petfie.

Wish,I had one. 😛


From bestie to bestfie, this is a must in your photo gallery.A selfie with your crazy best friend,is called a bestfie.


As in ‘Murphy’.Is a selfie taken by pointing the back camera of your phone,towards the mirror.


Here,you purposefully make faces,whether ugly or cute or silly ,its your call.But a simple smile or grinning is complete no-no,in an uglie.


Irrespective of your position in the car,I mean 😀 it doesn’t matter if you are sitting on the driver’s seat or the backseat,you just have to take your selfie in a car,for a carfie.


When you go to a club (we girls especially go there all dolled up) what will be its  use,if you haven’t got anybody to show,how smoking hot you were looking at the club.If you’ve got it,then there’s no harm in showing it. 😉


In those classy dim lights,of a loo,who can’t resist oneself from taking a loofie,in front of that wide mirror with her girlfriends.We all go to loo,so what’s the shame in taking a loofie. 😀

Though that’s the other thing,I haven’t taken a loofie yet. 😛


Wonder what it is ? Its a selfie in a trail room,this is definitely not despotic if you are going to send this to your beau or bestie (bestie because, I don’t want to disappoint you,if you are single right now :D) asking him or her, how you are looking in that dress. 😀


Its a selfie with your squad,family,colleagues whoever it be,you just need a bunch of people,behind you for a groupie. 😛


Where you take clicks of your mushy plush slippers’ ,your brand new heels,you can even click your bare foot ! 😀


Where you click only your beautiful eyes (crop,crop,crop ! and you can get your eye-shot)this might look good, in one of  your photo albums but I don’t know why I find eyefie’ real scary as a profile picture.I mean won’t you find it scary to see someone’ eyes in your screen,all of a sudden 😛 But like I always say, do what you want,so just ignore my views,here. 😛

Like these there are still some types of selfies left which doesn’t sound as cute and short as selfie,they are more like phrasal selfies,for instance morning selfies,the one which you take in your bed,after getting up,also known as bedfie (sounds like ‘bed flea’ to me :D,now you know why I haven’t mentioned this in bullets ) and there is also no make-up selfie,where you can flaunt your natural beauty,all these types of selfies are creating a buzz in the internet.So,just flow with the trend.

Goodbye.Hugs and kisses.








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