Difference between ‘Woman’,’Lady’and a ‘Girl’

We all are not the same thing,at the same time.  😛 Though these three words  sound synonymous,but there is a slight difference in their meanings,which you all must know.


  •  It is used for all those females,who are under twenty-five.
  • But is usually used for females,under eighteen in general sense.
  • When a woman goes out with her friends,she uses the term ‘Girls’ for them.For instance “I’m going on a shopping spree,with my girls !”
  • Also used for one’s female companion or lover,for e.g. “She is my girl (girlfriend).”


  • This is used for all females,who are under twenty-five.
  • Also used when showing respect to the unknown female(s),as in “Ladies and Gentlemen…”or “Excuse me,ladies…” or “The lady who forgot her bag…”
  • The feminine form of ‘Lord’or ‘Knight’ is ‘Lady’.
  • A lady can also be called ‘Young Woman’ ,even a girl can be called the same,depending upon the usage of the sentence.(Remember the book titled “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott)


  • Females who are above twenty-five are termed as ‘Woman’.
  • It is usually said that when a lady gives birth to a child,she becomes a woman since that day.
  • You can’t address A female by the term ‘Woman’ outrightly as this may sound derogatory in nature.

Now its time to say goodbye to all you beautiful,Women,Ladies and Girls reading this.Take care. 😛 😀







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