Art of wearing rings


Fashion accessories,have been stylishly complementing our outfits from ancient period.They have been helping us in getting that little extra edge in our looks.Cutting out the details about their types.I would directly take you to the heart of this post,rings.A ring is a small round band,which is considered as one of the most loved accessories of all time.

Nowadays,rings have widen their scope in varied forms,there are now rings for belly,toe,nose,ears,eyebrow and scarves too.But,we are going to talk about finger rings only,which is normally people conceive by ,when they hear the word ‘rings’ .


In this post you will get a quick look about their types,the proper way of wearing them and how to measure one’s ring size ,just keep on scrolling down,Honey. 😉


  • I find rings really,romantic ♥ so let us  first look at the types of rings,which your someone special should definitely give to you. 😛

1.)  Promise ring: This is more like a pre-engagement ring.It is a symbol of the vows and commitments you two  have made to each other.

2.) Engagement ring:  Want to know within fraction of seconds,if a person has someone in his life,see his ring finger. 😀  A ring on that finger,shows that a person is engaged to be married.You can call them pre-nuptial ring.

3.) Wedding ring: Earlier I used to think that engagement rings are only wedding rings.But,now I know  that they differ from each other,by the grace of this post. 😛 This ring is worn when you are actually getting married.Again it is worn on the ring finger of left hand,which is considered to be connected to the heart.

4.) Eternity ring: Is given by a husband to his wife,on special occasions like their wedding anniversary ,birthdays,on coming of a new-born and whenever he feels like 😛 (last case,will only be possible if your better-half is romantic  by nature)

5) Poise rings: These simple plain rings.In this ring name of a person or special message is inscribed.It is generally made up of gold,but now platinum poise rings are also there.

  • There are some rings based on other types of  relationships ,as in :

Mother ring: It consists of the birthstones,of one’ child ,any of the parents,or grandparents.

Friendship ring: By the name itself you can understand that it is given to one’ close friends.As a token of friendship.Now,on next friendship day,you can give a friendship ring to your bestie,in place of a band. 😉


1.) Mid ring (Midi rings) and thumb ring : Also known by the name of ‘knuckle rings’is worn on one’s knuckles.And the latter,needless to say that it is worn on any of the thumb’s.

2.) Cocktail rings: They are over-sized rings,having precious gems or stones at the centre.

3.) Trinity rings: Are three inter-twined rings,worn as a single ring.

4.) Solitaire rings: Which doesn’t know about this ring 😛 .Many of us yearn for a solitaire ring,as a engagement ring.It has a diamond or other gemstone in the center.

5.) Band rings: Are plain rings,from narrow to wide.Platinum bands,are so in these days.It can be worn at office parties too,in case you want to keep your accessories at minimal.

6.) Stone rings and cluster rings: Have gemstones in the center.Whereas,cluster rings also have gemstones at the center,surrounded by small stones.


Which kind of ring-wearer would you choose,to be ?

The Minimalist,The middle-grounder or The more-is-better ? 

ring,wear,how to wear


This would help you.

rings.wedding ring,engagement rings,how to wear


Many of us,don’t know the accurate measure of our ring size.You can measure it online,in couple of minutes by visiting this link Find My Ring Size.

That was all for today.Time to bid goodbye to you,take care and keep stalking my blog. 😀


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