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Expand your knowledge of colors

Colors are omnipresent ,such is the beauty of colors.There are even different disciplines for studying colors like Color psychology (which helps us to know how colors affect human behavior ),Color theory in visual arts (which teaches how color mixing is done for creating visual effects )etc.

Right from our infancy,we are fascinated by colors,for instance baby mobiles are not just for adorning baby’s crib,it is considered important for babies as it helps them develop their visual senses.Now,you know the reason why infants can’t stop looking at their  baby mobiles having colors like blue, red, yellow, and green.

The first color wheel was found by Sir Isaac Newton in 1706 and then later on ,more discoveries were made by others,resulting in formation of color charts.

If you are a color enthusiast,just like me then this post,is definitely for you.I have curated eleven major color charts,out of my curiosity and I wanted to share these wonderful charts,with you.This would help you to know that,you can’t conveniently prefix any shade of color, with the words ‘Dark’ or ‘Light’ ,in ignorance. 😛

  1. Shades of BLUE

color chart,blue

2.Shades of PURPLE

color chart,purple

3.Shades of  GREEN

color chart,green

4.Shades of YELLOW

color chart,yellow

5.Shades of ORANGE


6.Shades of RED

color chart,red

7.Shades of PINK

Color chart,pink

8.Shades of GREY


9.Shades of BROWN


10.Shades of WHITE


11.Shades of BLACK


All these colors are now sub-divided into various categories for easy recognition,two of them which I know are soft pastel shades and neon shades (I guess ,you must also be knowing this) 😛 .In case,you know some new sub-categories of colors like the one above,then do tell me about it,in the comments box below.I would love to hear you.

Fun fact is that,black and white are not really colors,as per laws of Physics.But,in general sense they both are counted as colors.To know how colors were named,you can visit this link How the colors got their names ? and in case you want to know the names of all colors,in detail then you can go to List of colors from A-Z .

Peace out 🙂



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