How to dress,as per yourself ?

Yesterday,I became a self-acclaimed showstopper of a crowded market place.You know why,I gave such a tag to myself,because majority of the people in the crowd were looking at me,as if I am one showstopper of a fashion show. And how did this happen ? I wore unapologetic-ally a pair of black tulip skirt and a royal blue cut-out top.

While I was aiming to reach a shop on the other side of the road,someone in the crowd said,seeing me “Dress toh dekho“(Look at her dress).Well,let me tell you ,that dialogue was definitely not in the form of a compliment,it was a taunt,a jeering in the middle of a busy road.Soon as I heard this line,I turned around my head to see who it was,though I knew it was a voice of a girl.

I think while reading this,some of you could relate yourself to me,right now.In my opinion such an act of indecency should also be tagged as a ‘social evil‘and some sort of awareness campaign drive should be run asking people,to be broad-minded.

Such a scene could be captured anywhere,at any time.Where the lead actress,could be anyone,wearing a dress which is not as per people’s choice.One Friday evening, I saw a girl, in a mall wearing a beautifully draped sari,she almost looked like a bride,and I thought may be she has a wedding to attend,which is why she has come here,looking all pretty.But,I overheard some people walking behind me,who murmured things like “Gosh ! Why has she dolled up so much, just for coming to the mall.”I just don’t understand what is it people and their petty thoughts.

Coming back to my,background-commentator, the mole on my right ear lobe 😛  somehow helped me,find her,and there she was busted ! She was  riding on a scooter and was wearing a decent jeans and a top, her face was all covered by her scarf and she had no helmet on her head ! 😛

Soon as I caught her glimpse,she hurriedly started looking at the other side of the road,as if she wasn’t the one who commented at me.I am sure she didn’t expected in that traffic jam,that I would catch  her red-handed in the blink of an eye. 😀

I said looking at her “Haan ,haan dekho ” (Yes,yes look at it).Though,she was looking on the other side,I knew it very well that if I can hear her,she can hear me too. 😀 (ha ha ha).Poor thing,if you have the guts to pass such comments at someone,then you should definitely have the guts to look straight into their eyes and repeat your decent sayings.

I just don’t understand why people,want you to dress as per a occasion or a place ?Those rules would have had,wanted me to wear a jeans and a long top,to cover my legs and butt !for a public spot.Even if I didn’t followed those so called rules,what’s the big deal ?If you’d ask me,I’ve never followed such rules.As,I dress as my per heart,my feelings.

Yesterday,was a humid day,the sun was showing himself after a long series of rainfall.At top of this,I lately got my legs all waxed 😛 ,so I wore a skirt but most importantly I felt jolly.I wanted to get out,roam around buying things,sipping my favorite blueberry slush.And feel,the warmness of the sun,after spending a week full of cloudy days,sitting at home.I thoroughly enjoyed my day,despite of that little drama.

I want to ask such people,why is it bothering you if I am wearing a skirt on a public place.I definitely didn’t picked up my dress,from your closet,did I ? So,why are you gazing at me like a lemur. 😀 I read this in a book,that “Your aims get visible,in your appearance”I would like to replace the word ‘aims’ with the word ‘feelings’, in here,I didn’t had to go to any office party,after all.

Girls,who search on the internet “What to wear ? What not to wear ? How to dress for XYZ party ?….” stop doing that,okay.Just wear what you feel,and if anybody tries to pass their decent comments at you,just go to them and say “I don’t follow any dress codes,you don’t know me,so keep you mouth shut and mind your own business`”

I have bifurcated a crowd into two categories.First is the ‘checking out’ category ,comprising of both men,some ogling,some admiring and women,some jealous,some surprised.But,the category of the crowd which I like the most are the charming neutrals.It was just a cut-out top,imagine if I’d have worn a tube dress ,the haaye-tauba(s) ,(hawwws) wouldn’t have had surprised me.

As long as something,keeps you happy,don’t let it go.The world’s population is booming,if you’d start thinking about what others would say,you would probably be depressed and become a damsel in distress.If you’d try to keep everyone happy around you,you’d never be able to know what makes you happy !

Talking about the concerns,say this to yourself aloud ,that “I am a big girl and I can take care of myself”.Even,in our Indian villages,young girls and women are being molested,harassed and raped.They don’t wear any mini skirts or short dresses,do they ? despite of this,sadly such incidents occur.So,keep this in your mind that its not a dress’ fault,it has never been.

Its not a dress which is indecent,its people’ thoughts.Girls,I would recommend all of you,that never feel threatened by anyone in your life,instead make yourself threatening and make others feel threatened by you. 😉

Conclusion is,dress what you feel.

And at last do,see this video from POPxo and just do your thing !:)

Disclaimer: Drinking is injurious to health.


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