7 rules of buying clothes online

Have a look at this handbook of mine,that will help you buy clothes online,the smart way.If you want to be a smart shopper then,proceed. 😉

Before we start,I want to say “Girls ! you need to etch these rules in your mind and know that buying clothes online doesn’t mean “Oh,I like this dress” and running to select your size “S,M,L or XL !” .It has been recently surveyed that fashion apparels are the second most shopped online product,in India.And I can’t leave so many of my girlfriends ,who follow the aforementioned method above,waste their hard-earned money,just like that.

Buying fashion apparels like bags,shoes,accessories etc. doesn’t involve much fuss,as compared to clothes.These rules will help you buy the ‘right’ dress,from wherever you shop.

#Rule 1.  FABRIC 


  • Soon after you have your “Oh! I like this dress.” moment,first see which kind of fabric has been used to make the dress.Most durable fabrics are Cotton,Denims,Linen and you should not be surprised,even Lycra or Spandex has managed to grab this position too,these days.


  • I think Polyester ,Chiffon and Georgette can also be durable,only when you take care of them properly,best part about these is that they don’t wrinkle easily.But,it is said that they should be avoided as they don’t ‘breathe’,they don’t stay fresh for long a time,especially when you perspire.


  • And for  those fabrics with those confusing word ‘blend‘ it it .As in ‘Polyester blend’ and ‘Cotton blend’ try to note the components of that dress and start imagining their advantage and disadvantages as well. For instance,if its a  ‘Linen and silk’dress ,it would mean that Linen creases easily while silk doesn’t. By adding silk to linen, a garment won’t crease as readily and will drape better.


  • Avoid those,pretty looking, Chantilly lace.i.e.Lace with a net background and floral design patterns created by embroidering with thread and ribbon.As,great care has to be given to them.


  • When,doing winter shopping go for the luxurious Cashmere wool.Other luxury fabrics are Silk (can be worn in any season),Satin (a no-no fabric for summers) and Velvet (definitely go for it,in winters)


clothing label,white-tag

  • White-tag,underneath each of your dress is your ‘Dress-Fairy’ that’s the other thing you don’t see her ,during your  dress’ first wash 😛  Remember,’Dress- Fairy’ is always there for you.So,don’t make the mistake of putting a ‘dry clean’ dress in your laundry bag !


  • Let’s take a pledge that we will wear our dress respectfully,by following the instructions of Dress-Fairy.You are supposed to ‘wear’that dress,not ‘murder’it.Don’t let your dress die a slow death. 😦


dopey,loose,snow white

  • This factor must be looked after,especially when you are buying a gown,a maxi dress,a long skirt,jeans,trousers and other such things,many sites now a days also mention the measures of the models,including their height,you can refer it somewhere on ‘Product Specification’ section,because if  photographed model, is taller than you,that can be problematic.


  • Trust me,you don’t want to look like Dopey of Snow White.If you don’t take this factor seriously,you might end up purchasing an extra deep V-Neckline dress,and marring that suave dress with a  spaghetti inside. 😛

#Rule 4.RIGHT FITtailor' ribbon

  • Its really important for you,to know your bust size.Never trust those alphabetic sizes of ‘S,M,L or XL’. Because different brands follow their own size chart for tailoring a dress.Size ‘M‘ of one brand,can turn out to be size ‘S’ of another brand.


  • Talking about sensuous Body-cons,you must only buy them only when you are sure to be consistent and determined in maintaining your figure.Otherwise,always choose a size a bit larger than you actual size,because growing up is a continuous process. 😛 Our body is dynamic and versatile,just like fashion.


  • Right fit also comprises of the waist size,if you waist is twenty-eight then get yourself a jeans of size thirty,don’t forget growing up is a continuous process .There is reason why belts loops were invented,make use of it. 😛



  • Now,how you want the back of your dress,the choice is all yours.If you want to flaunt that smooth back of yours or  you want to mysteriously show your back then go,pick up that dress which fulfills your criteria,the rule is as simple as that.


  • But,again.Never forget to check how the back of your chosen dress is.After all,you are on your way to become a  smart shopper,I don’t want you to leave any stone unturned.  😉


white light photography


  • Always,remember this thumb rule of mine:

“A dark shade on-screen,would look a bit more dark off-screen ;

light shade on-screen,would look a bit a more dark off-screen.”

  • Why ? Ask the lights.’White Light Photography’ somehow improves picture quality by enhancing the brightness of your dress color.You,can see it for yourself in the image above,where on the right side ,how a precise white light photography’ been done.And,to know how will your dress will actually look like in reality,have a look at left side of the photo.


  • All you need to do is,try imagining your dress in a bit dark shade.Don’t get deceived like me. Once I wanted  a peach colored dress,but in return I got myself a coral dress,let me tell you some sellers make use of such photography techniques,in a nasty way.So,I want you to have an eagle’s eye.And please,don’t forget to increase the brightness of your phone screen or laptop:P

“Prevention is  better than cure”


#Rule 7. FOLLOW ALL THE RULESperfect dress,shopping,online

  • Remember,that the ‘Product Specification’ tab is your virtual shopkeeper,he knows it all.Don’t forget to consult him.

So,darling follow all these rules and become a smart shopper. 😉



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