Words which we thought to be English

Did you know that the word ‘Spa’ is the name of a place in Belgium.Yesterday,I found a word ‘Terrarium’in a book,which I was reading.While,scurrying the dictionary to see its meaning,I caught glimpse of of the word ‘Terracotta’ though I knew its meaning but I was surprised to see that its source language ( language from which a word is borrowed),its origin was Italian.

Seeing this I thought that there must be many foreign words like this,whose meaning we know to perfection but not its origin.This curiosity of mine,drove me to find more of such words,which you can see below:

  • Safari : Arabic
  • Studio : Italian
  • Nirvana : Sanskrit
  • Tutti-Frutti : Italian
  • Palette :French
  • Bonanza : Spanish
  • Camaraderie : French
  • Diva : Italian
  • Jinni (Genie) : Arabic
  • Genre French
  • Kismet : Turkish
  • Poncho : Spanish
  • Chic : French
  • Confetti : Italian
  • Crux : Latin
  • Vista : Italian
  • Vignette : French
  • Pariah : Tamil (India)
  • Manifesto : Italian
  • Wanderlust : German

We all are so busy making our vocabulary strong,that beyond knowing the meaning of a word and its usage,no other thing interests us.But,keep this is in mind people,that “Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance”. So,the next time you try finding meaning of a word,don’t forget to check its origin.You’ll see,it will be fun. 🙂


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