Top 10 doodles in a girl’s notebook

See,which are the evergreen doodles we girls either knowingly or unknowingly,scribble in our mundane notebooks,scraps of paper,and newspapers ! We may forget drawing the diagram of layers of atmosphere, those tricky geometric acute angle and obtuse angle. 😀 But,these doodles are something which run in our veins like ABC. All we need is a paper,a pen and a span of time,where we are getting bored by those lectures in our class or sitting idle in our home.And we are good to go. 😉


Phew,what a stress buster it was. 😛 The last page of each of  your notebook,is your personal art exhibition,where these doodles are your artworks , who rustically adorn your pages in entirety.There are lyrics of your favorite song,your written gossips with your bestie,game records of ‘Hollywood and Bollywood,Join the dots, Name-place-animal-thing and what not !’ Hence,one thing is for sure,no matter how old we grow,we just can’t help ourselves from drawing these.(Agree ?) 😀


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