About ‘Scrunchie Girl’


A new blog in the block,just for you gorgeous.

From chic look-books to chick flicks,everything in a click.Coming,right from my scrunchie,which you! my girlfriend must know. For those who don’t know the meaning of `Srcunchie’ let me tell you, it means a ‘Hair-Tie’.My logic behind my blog’ nomenclature is that, as our brain is the insight of all our thoughts and ideas,just think,if I would have not been using my brains,right now,I would not have been writing this post.(sounds silly,yet significant 😛 )And in your case,for even reading this post of mine,you are using your brain. Which is why I wanted to name my blog,in relation to our magnificent human brain.


Now,try converting my ‘logic words ‘ above ,into their adjective forms and imagine it to be my blog’s name :

  • Brainy Girl : Sounds so exaggerated
  • Heady Girl: That’s so not me
  • Hairy Girl: Hilarious (ha ha ha )
  • Scrunchie Girl: Euphonious,isn’t it 😉

Hence,you can see why I chose the word ‘scrunchie’ as a name for my all-girl’lifestyle blog .It has a literary meaning ,its definitely not made up by me plus it sounds cute,no denying. The real fun would start with my next post.Until,then take your beauty sleep and peace out.🙂





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